Together, our biggest objective is to build trust from our customers and to better our customer experience.

In line with this, we are changing the current 7-day Return Period to a new 15-day Return Period, which means that the customers will be able to return their orders within 15 days after collection. This new policy will replace the Jumia Guarantee that was previously discontinued. 

This will be effective as from August 1st 2019.

What does this mean  to you as a vendor ?

Once a product is delivered a customer is allowed to return the product within 15 days is certain return conditions are met. The product will be checked by our trained aftersales team to verify the customer claim. Once the claim is verified the product will be returned to the drop off station the vendor dropped off the order or the warehouse if the order was a Jumia Express order.

On picking the order  you will validate the return reason and:

  • Incorrect return reason –  Accept the product and raise a claim for compensation
  • Correct return  reason.- Collect the product